This Christmas gift guide is all about the most stylish and useful essentials for the modern gentleman. But first of all, who are these modern gentlemen? It’s not all about being of gentle and noble birth, what matters most is the way you act and threat other people. What I am trying to say is that above all being a gentleman means to treat other people in a courteous and polite way, especially the fairer sex. I mean which woman doesn’t like a well-educated man, holding the door for them or offering their seat at a restaurant. Moreover, respect yourself and respect others, use the simple words “please” and “thank you”: they work magically! Christmas is a time of peace, warm-heartedness and love, so when if not now is the right time to ask ourselves, could we improve our gentleman-skills?

Every gentleman needs his armor, so I am going to show you my first gentleman gift guide.


It’s is important to find a fragrance, which suits oneself on the one hand and you simply can’t get enough of it on the other hand. My favorite fragrances are by Tom Ford, they are just great! I picked out the “Fleur de Portofino”, but it’s just one example, I think that everybody has to choose which one fits best by himself. I would therefor suggest to go to your favorite drugstore and test it by yourself, testing the smell is key for the perfect fit.

TOM FORD, Fleur de Portofino (click here)


The umbrella is the gentlemen`s shield to shelter himself from the rain. The perfect color is black as it matches perfect the black suit. For the ideal grip I would recommend a wooden handle, on top of that it simply looks amazing.


3. the CAMERA

I know everybody owns a smartphone nowadays, but a good camera is still far ahead in terms of sharpness, dynamic range and colors. The classy gentleman needs a small and portable camera, so no interchangeable lens system. For that reason I picked the Leica X, the build quality is amazing, everything is build out of metal or magnesium, and the design is simple. Fixed lens, few buttons and simple black design, which makes it a perfect fit for the gentlemen`s needs.

LEICA X TYP 113 (click here)

4. the GLOVES

During the cold period of the year a good pair of gloves is an absolute must. I would go with some black leather driving gloves. I think they look great and keep your fingers warm 😉


5. the SHOES

A well-made oxford shoe is the friend of every gentleman. I picked a black one, which is hand made by Scarosso in Italy.



The Globe Trotter Suitcase is the perfect travel companion for every gent. It looks both classy and vintage. Especially the black one matches perfect with your favorite black suit as well as with jeans, shirt and V-neck jumper.

GLOBE-TROTTER (click here)

7. the WATCH

I didn’t choose the typical gent watch for this gift guide, its either round nor silver or gold, its square and black. For that reason it’s the perfect match, not only for suit and tie but also for your casual style and even for sports. I personally love it and I wear it all the time, check out my looks for more details and further impressions.

LECHARL 1929 BLACK (click here)

8. the SHIRT

Every man should own a classic blue cotton shirt. I think there is nothing more to say 😉

COTTON SHIRT (click here)


Clean design and superb sound quality, these attributes are often linked with the Danish Hifi and TV legend Bang&Olufsen. The Beolit 15 soundsystem lives up to ones name, you can enjoy your favorite beats via Bluetooth wherever you like as the battery holds up to 24 hours!

BEOLIT 15 (click here)


The classy way of drinking, instead of dropping of your whiskey bottles as you bought them, you can use a glass decanter. They not only look classy but also fit in your living room in a more appropriated way then the normal whiskey bottles ever would. Personally I haven’t got one, but in my case it wouldn’t make any sense since I am hardly ever drinking alcohol.

WHISKEY SET (click here)

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